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HackRPI is the first intercollegiate hackathon series hosted at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, completely organized and run by RPI students. We will be hosting 500 hackers from the Northeast and beyond for 24 hours.  Students begin working on their hacks on Saturday at 12:30pm and have until Sunday afternoon to complete their hack. All final submissions must be made here, on DevPost, before the end of hacking at 12:30pm on Sunday November 15.


Updates during the event will be posted to

Saturday, November 14 11:30 AM Buses Arrive
  12:00 PM Opening Ceremonies
  12:30 PM Hacking Begins, Team Formation
  1:00 PM Lunch
  2:00 PM Tech Talk 1: TripAdvisor
  3:00 PM Sponsor Scavenger Hunt
  3:00 PM Tech Talk 2: Microsoft
  4:00 PM Pitch Competition
  5:00 PM Tech Talk 3: Tata Consultancy Services
  6:00 PM High School Hacker Meetup
  7:30 PM Tech Talk 4: TripAdvisor
  8:00 PM Dinner
Sunday, November 15 12:00 AM Midnight Snack
  7:30 AM Breakfast
  11:45 AM Lunch
  12:30 PM Hacking Ends
  12:45 AM Expo A
  2:00 PM Expo B
  3:30 PM Closing Ceremonies
  4:30 PM Buses Depart


You must be in either high school or college. Graduated students (<1 year) will be accepted on a case by case basis.

Teams should be between 1-4 people to qualify for all prizes. Teams of 5 are acceptable but not recommended.


There is no theme for HackRPI. Build whatever your imagination desires!

Hackathon Sponsors


$16,960 in prizes

Best Data Science Hack

Dell Venue 10 Tablet (1 for each team member, 4 max)

Best Web Application Hack

Sonos Speaker (1 for each member of team, 4 max )

Best Humanitarian or Health Hack

XBOX One OR Playstation Bundle (1 for each member, 4 max)

Best Hardware Hack

SSD Internal Hard Drive (1 for each team member, 4 max)

Best Video Game / VR Hack

Best Mobile Application Hack

Apple Watch (1 for each team member, 4 max)

Most Creative Use of the Bose SoundTouch API

SoundTouch 10 speakers

Awarded by Bose

Best Microsoft Hack

4 Asus Vivo Tabs for incorporating at least one of the following into your hack:
- A Microsoft API (for example: Project Oxford, Bing, Office, and OneNote)
- Kinect (loaners available)
- Microsoft Azure cloud (we’re giving free passes out all weekend)
- OR create a Windows Universal app

Awarded by Microsoft

Best use of TripAdvisor API

Trip to Boston office awarded to each member.

Awarded by TripAdvisor

Bloomberg Prize

Sphero and gift card to a local restaurant

Best User Experience

Amazon Echos

Awarded by Goldman Sachs

Best Use of Google API

Bose SoundLink Mini 2. Awarded by Google

Best Name

Best High School Hack

Funniest Hack

Most Polished Hack

Best RPI Hack

Best Beginner Hack

Data Science Runner Up

Humanitarian Runner Up

Video Game / VR Runner Up

Hardware Runner Up

Web Runner Up

Most Likely To Commercially Succeed

Amazon gift cards

Awarded by GCOM Software

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Akash Binjrajka

Akash Binjrajka
Goldman Sachs

Jeffrey Wai

Jeffrey Wai
Goldman Sachs

Judging Criteria

  • Best Data Science Hack
  • Best Mobile Hack
  • Best Web Application Hack
  • Best Health/Humanitarian Hack
  • Best Hardware Hack
  • Best Beginner Hack

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